Does Jesus still heal today?

There are many testimonies to the healing power of Jesus from people in Jersey. The Bible tells us that Jesus gave His disciples power and authority over all demons, and to cure diseases. He sent them to preach the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick.

Recent Jersey Testimonies
These healing's have taken place in different locations... in the street, in coffee shops, in Church and in people homes.

  • Two people were healed of arthritis, both were severely restricted in walking and were both able to walk well, we watched as the swelling went down in one lady's knee and she smiled walking free of pain.
  • Two people have been healed of 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome' which affected their arms and fingers.
  • A number of people healed of hip pain which was having a serious effect on their ability to walk. Now they are free!
  • One man with serious back pain had not been out for over two weeks and was taking a lot of medication. He now reports he has stopped 90% of the medication and he is able to do all normal activities without pain.
  • A lady who had burning pain in both elbows was healed.
  • Another with pain in the knee after a marathon walk was healed.

There are many more local testimonies:
Gangrene healed, depression cancelled, suicide cancelled, addiction broken, pneumonia healed. There is Power in the blood and the wonderful name of Jesus to break every chain!

Isaac’s Healing Testimony
My name is Isaac and I live in Belfast.
I gave my life to the Lord Jesus in November 1975. My daughters live in Jersey and we love to visit the island regularly. We have been praying for Jersey for years.

In 2008, I was diagnosed with an aggressive strain of prostate cancer. When this news was given to me and my wife, we told the consultant that we were Believers and were believing that God would bring me through this. In the past God had healed my wife and me on two occasions. This helped us to have faith to trust God again. An MRI scan in 2008 showed that the cancer had spread to various places on my spine and ribs. Immediately I began receiving calls from Christian friends, assuring me of their prayers. In 2009, an MRI scan showed that the tumours had reduced. A CT scan and Bone Scan in Dec 2012 showed that the cancer had not spread. The doctor in the Cancer Centre was very pleased and surprised at these results.
He said “We don’t often see this happening”.

I have had no chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery. In Dec 2015, I underwent another CT Scan and Bone Scan. When we went to get the results in January, the consultant showed us the result of each scan on his computer screen, he said
“I can’t see any cancer”.
To God be the Glory! He still heals today.