The Seven Colours of the Biblical Rainbow

The oceanographer 'Robert Ballard' who found the sunken remains of 'The Titanic', believes there is evidence for the biblical flood of Noah’s time, from thousands of years ago. There is flood evidence from around the same period as Noah's time from cultures the world over, from India to China.

The Bible teaches us that the flood came to wipe out all corrupt life. Only righteous life sustained within Noah’s Ark was preserved. It was in fact, God’s own Ark – the place where God’s presence and protection rested.

When the flood subsided and dry land was found, God established a covenant with all living things, that He would never destroy life again by a flood. As a sign of a seal of the covenant he made with mankind, he put a rainbow in the clouds (Genesis 9:13). Whenever rain might cause a rainbow to arise in clouds, it would serve to remind God of His covenant, and His rainbow. Today, God’s ‘rainbow appearing in the clouds’ is very special. The bible says that God is light (1 John 1:5). As Isaac Newton discovered using his prism, light is comprised of seven visible colours.

Each raindrop is a prism that splits light into its seven visible parts. ‘Seven’ is therfore an important number in the Bible and represents God’s perfection. But there is much more to God’s rainbow than just that...

In the book of Ezekiel, Ezekiel sees God on His throne, with brilliant radiant light surrounding Him, ‘like the appearance of a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day’.

This was God’s Glory – also manifested within “God the Holy Spirit” as we shall see. We learn from Isaiah 11.2 that the Holy Spirit is a ‘sevenfold’ spirit (being His nature and ministry), so this seven coloured rainbow is a sign of the presence of the sevenfold spirit of the Lord which is the Holy Spirit’s presence and work on the Earth.

The ‘Seven’ coloured rainbow is indeed very special to Christians, and therfore a sign of joy to the whole world.