'Ark on the Park' is a Unique Christian Celebration Event.

People of every age, persuasion and belief are welcome!

A three-day outdoor event
People’s Park, St Helier

  • Thursday - 12 May
  • Friday - 13 May
  • Saturday - 14 May
Two sessions each day, starting at approximately
11:30 am and 6:00 pm

The organisers aim is to bring a blessing to the Island of Jersey from the nations. To bless the people of the Island, their Government and the business community, and to show the love and power of Jesus Christ through the preaching of His word and healing of the sick in His name.

This event is something quite unique and fresh which aims to open up the reality of a living faith relationship with a risen Saviour, Jesus Christ.

All those involved in bringing this event to the Island have come into that life changing experience of knowing Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour.

Hear the simple and life changing truth of the Gospel!
Jesus promised us the gift of eternal life. The promise of eternal life is a free gift available to all people, no matter what your background or life experience. The message of the Gospel is all inclusive.
You can't and don't have to earn it, and there is no requirement to be 'good enough' to receive this amazing gift.

Come and hear the most amazing truths and stories of changed lives!